Does anybody have...

  1. Either of these bags: The Hamptons Optic Signature Large Carryall or the Hamptons Perforated Business Tote? I want either one or the other-- they're pricey but gorgeous and if anyone has one you have to tell me about it and if you like it and such... I'm obsessing over these bags. Which would you get?

    Business Perforated:

    Optic Signature:
  2. Don't have either one... but I do like the business...
  3. I love the Optic, it's sooo perty. =B
  4. I've admired those styles for quite a while. I think the optic is really pretty and that would be my choice.
  5. I know, and the style is just so... CLASSY. I'm in :heart:....

  6. I have a signature carry all, in pink not the business, I like it ok. My only complaint is the zipper is kinda hard to zip. I like to keep my bags zipped up so my stuff doesnt fall all over the car and I find that it is just too much work with this bag. Other than that I love it.
  7. I love the business tote. I don't have either but I have seen the sig. tote irl and it looks pretty big. They're both really pretty.
  8. Business. I think it is more of a lasting style IMO.
  9. I have THAT optic on my wishlist and I have that style bag in black signature and purple suede. It is a very classy bag that has ample room. My only complaint is the break away zipper. It can be a pain when you want to get yourself together quickly after a purchase. It's like having to zip up the jacket of a small child! LOL I have talked to SAs about this and they said that they get many customer complaints about it but the designer refuses to give the bag a regular zip top because it would create a distortion in the shape of the bag. I still love those bags and I don't regret buying them.
  10. I have a similar bag - the Hamptons Book Tote that is my avatar.
    It's awesome. It's very big and holds a ton of stuff. :smile: Mine, however, doesn't have a zipper so it remains open on the top but this hasn't caused a problem for me at all.
  11. They are both awesome - I :heart: the optic for summer though!!

    I have the Medium Carryall in black signature/silver hardware... I think the shape is very flattering & professional...
  12. I have the Optic, and aboslutly love it. If you need more pics of it, I can take some.
  13. My vote would be for the optic. I love optic sig.
  14. I love the business perforated!
    I considered getting this bag my self.
  15. I have the medium carryall in black sig and I love it! I bought it last fall and it's held up nicely. A few scuffs here and there but still looks great. The zipper is annoying so I just don't use it.