Does anybody have this wristlet?

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  1. Coach Hamptons Signature Large Flap Wristlet


    I ADORE this wristlet in the Crimson for some reason...but what does it look like "under the flap"? It's not carried at my local stores, so I'd have to buy this online...but I'm curious what it looks like when it's opened up.

    Does anyone have pictures they can share? Please?

  2. I just got the embossed one, are they the same?
  3. :shrugs:

    I'm assuming they would have the same style under the flap - no?

    I found a picture somewhere here - I think krispin posted it - of her red emobssed one.

    I totally bought that signature flap already...heheheh...maybe I'll have it before christmas?

    To be fair - that was my first "full price" coach purchase in a while! I've done mostly outlets and ebay...

    bit of a splurge...bought that (in crimson) and the trigger snap key fob in silver. maybe I won't lose my keys in my purses anymore now!
  4. Deweydrop, share pics when you get your wristlet, please! I'm considering that same one in the khaki. It would match my shoulder tote! I got the trigger snap key fob in silver just the other day! I love it! I love being able to clip my keys into my bag and then find them quickly. It's not only nice looking but very functional!
  5. Is that a new style of wristlet? I like it a-lot too!
  6. Of course! Not a problem!

    And I'm glad to hear you like your trigger key fob...I'm forever losing my keys in my beaded maybe this will help some! (and it's a bit nicer looking than a caribeaner from Home Depot! heheh)
  7. That is cute.
  8. ^^ can you post a picture of it open TIA!
  9. Jadore! Are you going to get one? Then you, me and krispin will be triplets LOL!
  10. I am thinking of getting one to use as a wallet =].I mostly use my mini siggie wristlet from 03 as a wallet,but I really love this line!. I was thinking to get the pouch version,but its too small for me (im tall,and I look akward with tiny bags =] ).
  11. OMG! DEWEYDROP! That is gorgeous! DARNIT! I should not have looked at your pictures! Now I NEED ONE!!!! (((runs away screaming.....))) :lol:
  12. Oh you will have room to spare with this one. I was going to return it but then I thought that the leather would work well with my longchamp tote. I used the small one today. As for the wallet thats what I use the striped fold over because of all the compartments + I can stuff my cell and ipod in it. What color were you thinking off? OH and it has this little division so you can keep all your wallet stuff in one side and then your extra stuff in the other.
  13. Thank you!

    (and sorry...heheh)

    I do like how there is a slot inside this wristlet to hold my cards (license/debit card/credit card...I think I have 4 cards in that slot). It I can fit my cell phone (a bulky nextel), my lippie, keys, cash, receipts...I'm really glad I sucked it up and paid the $90+ for this!

    And...really...the crimson is beautiful! So happy I went with that! (Yes, chestnut would have matched more of my bags...but I'm not a super matchy-matchy person!)