Does anybody have this Hayden-Harnett bag?

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    I am really liking this bag, but I wondering if it's as good an everyday purse as it looks like. ?? Still obsessing over getting the Gryson bag in brown, but I could get this in black and have all my bases covered. ( I don't already have my "bases covered" in bags:smile:) Comments anyone? Does anyone have this style? Off to bed now, but will check tomorrow and see what you think. Night. :smile:
  2. Okay, let me rephrase this... I know some of you have the HH bags, because that's how I first heard of them. The Purse Forum posts I read (which I can't put my finger on now) talked about loving them, but they were a different style than I posted above. So, as a general question, is the quality good, the leather soft, etc.? I'm a little concerned about the relatively low cost (tho happy for my bank acct., at the same time), but I attributed that to the fact that they are a less established design team.

    Can those who have them tell me if they love or hate the HH bags, in general? Thanks so much for any response.
  3. I have two HH Ana frame bags. The leather is soft yet not thin as paper, and the stitching is very neat. The zippers are YKK zippers and easy to open/close. The lining is cotton, I think, and it is not loose in any sense. The details such as studs and hardware are also good.

    Since I've only used them for 2 weeks and the weather in my town is not rainy at all, I cannot say too much about whether they are durable.

    Overall, I would say HH bags belong to one part of my style and I love them. They are practical but not too ordinary. The lower cost could be that (1) they just started in 2005 thus they are definitely less established; (2) they manufacture bags in places where labor cost is lower, for example, China.

    Hope this helps.
  4. Ecthelion...You are my new best friend. :smile: That's *exactly* what I wanted to know. (and you express yourself so well !) I think, after looking at all their bags/style, that they're going to "take off." Thank you so very much for your input.
  5. You are so welcome RowanOak! :smile: Actually I hope somebody can tell us whether the HH bags are very durable in tough situations. The weather in my place is dry - bad news for both human skin and leather bags, I guess, but probably not as bad as what rainy weather can do to leather handbags. I do leather care for the bags on a regular basis to keep them conditioned and supple, but since I don't have to worry about rain issues I probably will never know how these HH bags will do in moist environment.
  6. I was in the rain with my HH Nico and it has no rain stains... I treated it with Apple Guarde and sprayed it with weatherproof
  7. I have the Lorca, and I love it. The leather is incredibly soft, and the bag appears to be well made. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but can tell you that it definitely gets compliments. Enjoy yours!
  8. I have a mercer satchel, mercer clutch, and mercer hobo and LOVE them all!!! I use the satchel and hobo as part of my everyday rotation. I haven't treated the leather at all and was caught in a rain storm in Chicago, my hobo was soaked, dried, no problem at all, no stains or anything. I've had the bags for awhile now, no problems w/ the quality or the leather. I'm getting ready to order another bag from them soon. I love HH designs, quality, and the great leather. I always get tons of compliments too. Post pics if you get it, I'm sure you'll love it. I love that bag in the black.