Does anybody have the Portatelefono?

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  1. Hey does anybody have a portatelefono? If so, how much does it hold if you could post pics of yours and wut you fit in it i would very much enjoy tht, thanx!
  2. it could hold a camera, or a DS, or a GBA, or your phone, or your PDA or your wallet.... something like that, i did try it out with my DS so think kinda small
  3. ok, do you think it could hold a ipod vido and a thin digital camera?
  4. The portalefono is cute. I prefer the angioletto over the portalefono but they no longer make that style. My BF has a few of these that he uses to keep his wallet & keys in when we go out. You can fit a cell phone in the outer mesh pocket so your ipod might actually fit out there too?? You can probably fit a slim digital and an ipod in there.

    Where are you buying it from, buy it and try it and if you don't like it take it back. It's super cute though. The only bad thing is that the mesh covers most of the print :sad: so you don't get too much of the print on this style.
  5. ^I kinda like the style but it's a bummer that the mesh covers the print!
  6. yeah, I sort of want one but it's a bummer to pay all the $$'s for something so small with hardly any print!
  7. well... i could just ask my rents' to buy it for me...
  8. lucky you! :yahoo: My dad just sends me $100 for christmas. Tell them to buy me one too!!!
  9. I have one and I can easily fit my Ipod and cell phone in it with room to spare.


    That is with Ipod, cell phone, lip balm and hand lotion.
  10. OOOOH, cool! Thanks for sharing the pic!
  11. i just wish they brought back the angioletto though!! :sad:
  12. I KNOW...revive the angioletto...revive it.....:graucho: angioletto, angioletto, angioletto!!!!!! :love:

    maybe if we ask nice they will :crybaby:
  13. They need to revive the bella bella too! I thought there was one other style too that they discontinued. I can't think of it right now.
  14. I received mine in the mail today. Its a inferno print. Everyone is right about the netting covering up half of the print. The side with the net has the cutest part of the print I was sent! So, I'm thinking of cutting the netting off. I will tell you it will hold one of the following:

    DS Lite
    My cannon powershot digital camera (which has a large grip so that was good...most do not fit that camera)
    A large or small cell phone
    Any size MP3 player/ will actually hold both my cell & ipod together.

    I wouldn't buy another one of these. If I had seen it in person I probably wouldn't have bought it either for the price! And I got a deal at $63 !!! so...but everyone's needs and wants are different!
  15. well if you cut it off take a pic of it...i wanna see :biggrin: i might decide to get one..