Does anybody have the Lagoon Clutch?

  1. I just ordered it and it's already being shipped to me but I'm having serious second thoughts... I can see using it for my sunglasses and then as a wristlet but nothing else...

    If someone has one, what do you use it for?

    Already I'm thinking it's going back for a Speedy 30.
  2. I agree. The Lagoon Clutch is super cute, but for its price, it is way too small for any practical purposes. I think the Speedy is a better choice for your money.
  3. I should know better than to order stuff online late at night! :lol: I was going back and forth on this, knowing it was very expensive for a seldom-used item but my "midnight mind" said to buy.

    Yep, I'm returning it for the Speedy 30.
  4. You gotta love the name at least!
  5. No No keep it! I love the little Koala/ Manhattan/Hudson/ Marc Jacobs claps on the front!
  6. It's coming today so I'll have to decide! I LOVE the clasp on the front and because it matches the Koala wallet, I think they'd look nice together...

    Have decided if I do return it, I'm getting either the Alma or splurge even more for the Hudson GM!

    And originally, I only wanted to spend $600 total. :lol:
  7. It's soooo cute, but holds hardly anything. Keep it, and use it with the speedy you're going to buy! :lol: