does anybody have the Grayson Black mirror bag

  1. Ive have had mine for a couple of weeks, and the mirror finish is rubbing of and has losts of fading spots! Does anybody else have this problem? What can i do to protect it further!
  2. I have the nickel finish Grayson, purchased it last year, and it is just starting to show some rub of color. I also purchased the copper color last Novermber, and after just 2 weeks the finish started wearing off :cry:. I called MK Corporate Office, and they told me they there were aware of this issue and to return to the store (Macys) in my case as it had been less than 30 days. Otherwise, you should return it to MK. The Corporate Office told me that had fixed the problem! I'd give them a call.
  3. Thank you so much!!