Does anybody have the balenciaga makeup?

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  1. Could you please post some pics? :yes:
    thank you.
    Myriam x :heart: x:heart:
  2. I don't have the makeup clutch, but I have the shoulder clutch/bag, which is pretty much the same except that it has a strap & comes with a mini mirror. Here's some pics (pics #3 & #4 are just for size comparison)

    edit: oops forgot to attach pics, here they are...
    shoulder1.jpg shoulder2.jpg shoulder3.jpg shoulder4.jpg
  3. Hatikuh
    Thank you so much! ;) Your collection is beautiful :nuts: :yes: :heart:
  4. ^ awwww thanks myriamrees! Are you thinking of getting one?
  5. Yes but I didn't know how big it should be. Do you think i can use it to going out ?:rolleyes:
  6. That's what I was thinking of using it too. It definitely can't be my day-to-day bag because I tend to carry so much junk in my bag (enough to stuff my First/Classique, but usually I carry extras so the City is my day-to-day bag). But the clutch is big enough to carry my Coin Purse (which I use as a wallet), cellphone, and keys for going out with room to spare. It's great when I only need the necessities, but I'd definitely have to leave most of my 'junk' at home...

    What do you plan to carry in it? I can try to see if it fits :smile:

    p.s. oh I just tried to put stuff in, and it fits my wallet, cellphone, keys, ipod, and camera. It's a good size :yes:
  7. Thank you hatikuh and l_b !!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    You both inspire me !! :love: I really need now a lovely clutch.
    Red is my color :rochard:
  8. Here's pics of my shoulder clutch with things in it...

    and YAY I'm so glad I can help! Also, I'd LOVE to get one in red next, great choice, you would love it! :love:
    shoulder5.jpg shoulder6.jpg shoulder7.jpg shoulder8.jpg
  9. OK, I need a Shoulder Clutch now in black. Uy I promised my DH no more bags for a while.
  10. Yup ... I have the Makeup in the Rouge Metallic (2004/5 Holiday Collection). I also have the Black Shoulder and the Denim/Brown Leather Shoulder (haven't used yet).

    As you can see, I also have the Black Compagnon. Not pictured (Rose Mini [Coin] Purse, Eggplant Mini [Coin] Purse and Rouge Vif Mini [Coin] Purse).

    Pics ...

    Added my White Ghost (I store pens & pencils ... and the like in this!) ... isn't she cute!??!
    Compagnon+Makeup+Shoulderwtmk.jpg White Ghost - BESTwtmk.jpg
  11. wow! Gorgeous!! Love the clutches/accessories ladies!
  12. I'm beginning to be really fond of clutches and the shoulder now that I've seen all these pics! Knew I shouldn't have checked in here, lol! The mini mirror is just the cutest thing!! Oh, I agree, a red clutch or shoulder would be so FAB!
  13. which style is the black case with the zipper around 3/4 s of it. i like that one alot
  14. Kathleen, that's the compagnon. It's a wallet but big enough to use as a clutch. It's wonderful!