Does anybody have pics of the Mini Lin and mono Speedy together?

  1. Or the Mini Lin and Damier Speedy??

    My love/hate relationship with the Speedy 30 is back... I have had two Speedy 30's and then got rid of them. One was very recent. :shame: Now I want my Speedy back. :s I LOVE the bag and the looks of it -- but hate that it is so much more commonly seen.

    So looking at the Mini Lin! I think I like it! Would love to see it pictured next to a mono Speedy though...

    Does anybody have a photo?? I would SO appreciate it!

    Thank you!!!
  2. I'd like to see that too...
  3. I'm ready to hit the "submit" button to purchase the Mini Lin but am hoping someone comes through with a photo in the next few hours!!

    I'm very excited - I think I will love this!!!
  4. yes I want pics too
  5. bumping back to the top... still hoping for a photo... Mini Lin still in my elux cart...
  6. It's so pretty! I say just buy it if you like it. Shouldn't it be the same size as the mono 30 anyway?
  7. Yep, just about the same size...

    I'm more wanting to compare the size of the mini monograms with the regular sized ones... so often, I buy something from a stock photo online and am so disappointed. I'm hoping if I can see a comparison side by side, it will give me a better idea as to what the bag really looks like! :yes:
  8. The mini lin seems to be the same size as the mini monogram to me! Correct me if I'm wrong, somebody!
  9. the lv's are smaller MINI LIN, there are 7 across the bag.
  10. Thanks for posting those but I'm still hoping to get a photo of both of them side by side. :yes:

    That way, they show the actual sizes next to each other...

    Maybe nobody has both of these?
  11. Well, I couldn't wait anymore! I went ahead and ordered the mono Speedy 30. :wlae:

    I'll wait until I get to a store in December to look at the other one!
  12. ^^^ got to you..

    Congrats on ur 2nd speedy again!