Does anybody have any Sahara or vert thyme modeling pictures to share?

  1. I'd love to see. The modeling pics are so very helpful to get a sense of a colour. Please share your bags!
  2. Oh that would be great I am also checking sahara pics
  3. Yes! I'm keen to see more Vert Thyme. I absolutely can't wait to see mine!
  4. Darlings, my Sahara work has landed and Lordy she is lovely!!!

    I will post pics tomorrow, DH is cranky.... he doesn't like being my atm, but guess what? It works out quite well for me.

    The color of Sahara is incredible, absolutely a vision of creaminess with fab leather. It is just BEYOND. I am a bit scared of the work size, but I think I can handle it!
  5. Oh Shasta, you are a naughty girl, :p Cant wait to see your Sahara!
  6. :yahoo:I can't wait to see the pictures. Can you take some outside? I am really considering Sahara since none of the other colors thrill me. You can't go wrong with a beautiful neurtal that goes with everything.:smile:
  7. I would love to see your photos too, Shasta!!
  8. Oh I can't wait. Please post pics.

    The Work in Sahara would just look amazing. Will Sahara be high maintenance in terms of keeping it clean? How well will it age?
  9. :yes:
    :popcorn: :beach: Patiently waiting or those pics Shasta.
  10. Shasta we want some pics of you modeling!!!
  11. It's a bit darker than this IRL, it's so hard to capture the real color.
  12. Looks gorgeous on your arm! Thanks for posting.