Does anybody have any Bounkit pieces?


Aug 26, 2007
This is soooo late, and quite outdated....

I have looked at Bounkit pieces online, but never in person. I LOVE chunky jewelry, big stones, and the Bounkit line seems to offer both at a fairly decent price. Finally bit the bullet and bought a citrine cuff bracelet on Gilt a few days ago. While it is pretty from a foot (or more) away, i would note that the stones are poorly cut (the bracelet is made from round citrine stores) - with no uniform faceting from stone to stone. The setting is soooo cheap and catches on clothing easily (reminds me of those cheap metal rings that you'd get from a vending machine). The prongs look like they could be easily pried apart.

That said, given the price I paid, I guess it was okay (gives decent sparkle few a few paces). I am not sure that I would buy more, however.