Does anybody have a silky pop collection?


Apr 19, 2012
I don't own any but i'm warming to them, a lot !
If I found the right one (colour) i'd definitely get one.

There is a small section on the style in the Reference section here, but it's old and no-one's contributed for 18 months - it gives some basic ideas though.
Perhaps some of the members will go on to post pics here though now you've brought it out into the mainstream area - the Reference sections aren't widely used.
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Sep 19, 2008
I got my first one years ago and liked it enough to get a second. The first was dark coloured and I used it a lot, groceries, documents, lightweight bag when I didn't feel like carrying a leather bag. The second is a pretty bright pink and vert anis so this one I'm a little more careful with. The pops are surprisingly sturdy and it's a nice way to have a little silk on me even at my most casual.