does anybody have a picture of the new colour, camel?

  1. Tia.
  2. hi, ebruo,

    Here are some pics I found: the first is a Campana from Saks, and the Veneta and tote are from Neiman Marcus. All are referred to as Camel. I'm not sure if this is the same as Blonde - hopefully someone will know.
    0434978945474_275x275.jpg NMV026L_mn.jpg NMV026C_mn.jpg
  3. Thanks bete for the pics. I saw the Camel in the Veneta and Campana yesterday. Have fallen for this fresh, yummy caramel-like colour. :p IMO, its another great neutral along the lines of Limo. My take is whilst Limo (taupey grey) is a cool colour, Camel (beigey brown) gears toward warm. Absolutely fab in the Veneta and Campana. :yes:

    I think Blonde is another colour. From pics of Blonde, it looks more cream.
  4. wow, the camel veneta is very nice. gorgeous in fact.... i agree it is geared towards warm.
  5. Thanks a lot, much appreciated!
  6. Did someone post that camel is going to replace noce? I thought I read that somewhere.
  7. Yup, someone posted that in another thread, but I do hope this will not be the case, I just love Noce too much!
  8. Very pretty!
  9. It's a pretty color...I like it!
  10. I love the camel color. Beautiful and warm.
  11. I saw this colour in BV London and it is so pretty and versatile. A tad too pale for me though as I have a phobia with pale bags :push: