Does anybody have a pic of the current Black Venetia in calf leather?

  1. If anybody can post a pic I would appreciate it. I can find the quilted version online, but not calf. Thanks!
  2. Thanks!! I see it was on sale. I thought the classic bags really don't go on sale. Any tips for finding them on sale?
  3. This was unusual because Nordies included it as part of their Anniversary Sale. It wasn't old or discontinued merchandise so they sold out pretty fast. I wouldn't count on it happening again. Like I said before your best bet would be to call your SA the second Pre-sales are announced, check what will be included, and try to reserve what you are interested in.
  4. Thanks!
  5. That black venetia is fantastic!!:tup::heart:
  6. Is the black **quilted** Venetia actually still available this season (online boutique or any actual store/boutique)? If you saw one recently could you please let me know where? I've been trying to hunt one down lately (from a dept. store or online legit. boutique with a return/exchange policy)....and no luck so far.
  7. Is what you're looking for? (Shopbop)
  8. OMG, **thank you so much** for that heads-up! I had NO idea that the new quilted Venetia's now come with a CHAIN STRAP? I wonder if it's the same as the earlier seasons' quilted Venetia's (with the exception of that chain strap) -- same leather? same hardware?......this was the one I was looking for: