Does anybody have a Mini HL?

  1. I'm really loving this cute little bag for dressy occasions, or just for when I'm going out shopping and don't feel like carrying a huge bag. The Monogram Multicolore is adorable. Does anybody have one? How much can really fit in it? I tried searching but came up with nothing
  2. I have one! I've been able to put my Treo, Cles, Keys, Lip gloss inside with no problem.
  3. i have it and absolutly love it!!! i can fit my keys, chanel credit card holder, chanel phone case with phone, keys, lip gloss AND a mini bottle of water!! ITS AWESOME!!

    i thought i would just use it for my essentials in my bookbag BUT i seriously use it EVERYWHERE...from clubbing to shopping! its the best

    but just fyi, the white mc is no longer made :sad: thats the one i wanted, sucks huh but i settled on the monogram instead and LOVE IT!

    here it is with its cute lil outfit haha ;) :
  4. Oh man, I really wanted the white too!! There's one available on eBay but I want my Speedy 25 first...thanks for the picture!! I definitely want one after I get my Speedy :smile:
  5. me me!!

    i have a mono one!
  6. I was thinking of getting the white mc mini HL so bad last year....but it was no longer in production and it had serious bleeding problem. So sad!

    I saw a girl on japanese magazines wearing it with the long strap across her's soooooooooooooooooo cute!!
  7. What I can fit into mine (i can also put my phone in)

  8. If you go into the clubhouse, you will find alot of pics from tpfers there......the MCs have been d'cd this year.
  9. Thanks for the helpful hints!! I've looked in the Clubhouse and the pictures are great, but I'm a little concerned about how I'd look carrying it. Does it look stupid to be carrying this tiny little bag? I'm thinking the Speedy 25 is now too big for me because I only carry car keys, wallet, cell phone and maybe the mini HL is okay for me. I'd mostly be carrying it to school (tank top/jeans) and at work where it's like business casual. What do you girls think, stick with the Speedy or go for the Mini?

    Does anybody have any modeling pics?
  10. i have the black MC one, i can fit my keys+cary keys, cell phone, ludlow wallet and a cles ^^probably lipgloss too if i use those..
  11. I've got the white one, and yes, on either side of the bag, it's become slightly yellowed. There's nothing that can be done about this; the store offered to take it back and give me a credit, but I love the bag too much, and was on the waiting list for 10 months in 2003 to get it. The problem is not that noticeable; I still use the bag and get many compliments on it. Also, as everyone else has said, it fits a whole heck of a lot of stuff!

    Go for it, honey! : )
  12. How come this MINI HL MC bag is still on the chinese Is it still selling over there then?
  13. I have the black MC and the mono version.

    I used to use the mono one daily! But its harder now with a baby, hehe.

    I could usually fit my cell phone, a compact, lip gloss, gum, mono cles (for credit card, ID, cash, etc), and car keys. I'll take some modeling pics tomorrow if you wanna check back. :smile:

    Its an adorable purse. - my first LV.:yahoo:
  14. I used to have a white MC Mini HL. I returned it due to the bleeding issue. It was entirely too small for me and I am a small bag girl generally. And, yes, it was the one bag that did make me feel like I was carrying a little girl's bag! I love LV, but to be honest, I was
    kinda' glad the bleeding issue happened 'cause I got today's dollars in credit towards a different bag!

    I should add, I am sure that I am older than everyone else that has posted in this thread and perhaps it is a "younger" bag.