Does anybody have a hidden chain?

  1. Just wondered!!!??? I can't get an answer on the "Sale" section. Surely someone has bought one of these. I was wondering how you like it and if you think they are part of the sale right now. I saw a really pretty red one at my closest Chanel....about a month ago. I live over 100 miles from the closest store so I can't just run down whenever so.....can I get a little input on the hidden chain bags. Do they come in more than one size and are they big enough to be functional?? Thanks.:confused1:
  2. I don't own one but Jenn (clk55girl) has two - black and red - at last bag count anyway! She has equisite taste and raved about the red HC to me in a PM.

    I think there is only one size and it is bigger than a Jumbo flap. I haven't seen it included in any recent sales... could be wrong about that though.
  3. I love the hidden chain flap in red.....
    I have discussed it with clkjen in pm as well....
    ACtually I am trying to decide which one to keep to get that one..
    The straps are a bit short, but it can fit over the shoulder.
    THere is only one size though, and no its not on sale, still full price at Chanel.
    Nordstroms only ordered 3....
  4. :idea: Thanks,ladies. That's usually my luck. If I have dreams about something, it never goes on sale!! But I am glad to hear that others like it,too. Will have to mull this one over seriously............
  5. Gerry!
    I have the Hidden Chain in red with the flap. There is a bigger tote, but the flap is an excellent size, I can fit tons in it and it keeps its shape perfectly. It's a nice length of strap because it looks adorable hooked on your arm or over your shoulder if you're not in a bulky coat. I thought about it for awhile and now that I have I ADORE it. Good luck with your choice...keep us updated :smile:
  6. :shame::shame::shame::shame::shame:
    I am so so jealous.. I want want want in red so bad...
    The color is gorgeous..
    How is the leather holding up ? Its very spacious in side hugh ? If you pack it with your stuff is it heavy ?