Does anybody have a Chloe Patchwork bag yet? Opinions?

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  1. Hi!

    I have been drooling over pics of the Patchwork bags for a few weeks now and am very tempted to get one :love:

    I will have a look at them in London when I can and if I like it and can afford it :push: then I will order from LVR because they are cheaper than London prices :graucho:

    But in the meantime, I wonder if anyone here has a Patchwork bag? Any pics? Any opinions?

    TIA :flowers:
  2. Pictures of two of the styles: -

  3. Lovely:love:
  4. Hmmm... Can't decide. Not loving it, but it might grow on me like they bay. Bal, thought you also wanted another quilted bay???
  5. I have seen the one that is about the size of a large regular Silverado and the large tote. I love them, both because of their sort of seventies (?) vibe, and because of the leather. This season's Chloe bags may not be everyone's design cup of tea, but in several of the styles, including the patchwork, the leather is spectacular. I saw both chocolate brown and the new tan sort of color, which is the color I would choose for this bag. Just one vote, but I love it.
  6. I am not in love with this style but maybe it looks better IRL. If you like it I say go for it. You can't go wrong with Chloe.
  7. Don't think I like them.
  8. Hmmm - mixed feelings? I love the chain pull and the squishy-ness!
  9. I haven't seen one, but tfser UNiQfashionista saw a couple in person awhile ago and was gushing over them, how soft the leather was, and how beautiful they were. I think they might have an in-person wow factor like some other chloés!
  10. :roflmfao: You are right Leanbeanee but I already got my second quilted Bay :yahoo: Take a look at my "Pics of my collection" thread - I have added pics of my new Ivory Bay :love:

    Thanks for everyone's opinions. I think I need to see it IRL. I think the leather is the same as on my Ava which is what attracts me as well because that leather is the best EVER :love:
  11. I'm not sure the one I really preferred is pictured. It is an open top tote, pretty large, and it suits the casual look of the patchwork. It is all about the leather.
  12. I know why you're drooling over this bag, the shapes mimic various Paddies however that patch work stuff doesn't work for me, too busy. However I bet the leather is sumptous.
  13. I visited the Chloe's last weekend and snapped a shot of the Bay for a friend. The leather was TDF but the bucket style isn't me:

  14. Don't have it, saw it IRL at Neiman's and the leather is just beautiful. Style-wise I prefer the pic you attached that is more of a shoulder style, the totes IMO seemed more 'luggage-y'.
  15. Don't really like it. It's just so simple, especially for that price. Not for me.