Does anybody have a Bal First/City to compare to 226 and 227?

  1. I'd appreciate it so much. :flowers:

    I live in Alaska and there are no Chanel bags sold in this state. I'm guessing that the Balenciaga First is comparable to the 226? :confused1: And the 227 is comparable in height and length to a LV Speedy 30- not as deep but as tall and long.

    Pleeease post some quick pics if you can- thanks ladies!!!
  2. Hi frozen_alaska,

    Unfortunately I don't have any more bal firsts to directly compare anymore, but the first can hold more than the 226 - I'd say the amount a first can hold is similar to a 227. I think that's just due to the slouchiness factor of bbags so there's a lot more give.

    I think taking a look at the 'what fits in your...' threads should help you out with making a comparison...
  3. I believe the First/City fits more than the 226 and the 227.
  4. Thank you! I will now proceed to hunt for 227's. :flowers:
  5. Thank you Savannah! :flowers:
  6. i have both and i can fit my 226 in my city. (if that helps)
  7. blushingbaby- would you mind taking a picture for size comparison when you have time please?
  8. Sure, I will send you a PM later tonite! =)