Does anybody feel that your bag doesn't fit to yourself?

  1. I bought a Damier Azur Speedy 30 two weeks ago but I don't like it any more. It's like my clothes don't match with my bag.
    And I miss my Mono Speedy which I sold...everytime I see a Mono Speedy I feel sad. (Want her back)

    I don't know what to do. May I should sell my Azur Speedy?!

    Does anybody understand what I mean?
  2. I'm contemplating the Monogram or Azur Speedy... So you say Monogram is better and matches more things??
  3. Yes. I felt that way about the Illovo. Just couldn't bond with it. And I regret selling my Parioli.
  4. Yeah the colors blue and white don't match with my clothes...I wear black,white and different brown colours, so the Damier or the Mono Speedy would match better with my clothes.

    It it also possible to change it in an other Speedy? I bought it in 29th of June in Zurich (Switzerland)
  5. No, don't sell her, just buy a few things to complement her.

    I don't like monos, they get faked too much.
  6. I know how you feel. I would return it and get a mono if that's the way you feel. There is nothing wrong with that.
  7. And can I change it?
  8. :nogood: Thank goodness I haven't felt this yet.
  9. The Azurs are faked left and right now and you know what's scary? There are some really authentic looking fakes...

  10. Do they always take it back in the LV Shop?
    No criteria?
  11. Call the shop to see what can be done. But if you have worn I don't know. Good luck. I have the azur speedy which I wear when I wear jeans. If you don't love it don't keep it.
  12. I'm sure everyone here has learned that if you don't love it, don't keep it! Get something that really makes you :smile:!!!
    Good luck!
  13. I ever had Mat Amber Shelton and I feel it's not too lux for me ;) anyway, Damier Azur has a neutral color
  14. I agree...if you arent in love already its unlikely youre going to fall in love. Buy a monogram!
  15. My bf never liked the Azur....he likes the Denim and the Mini Lin Dune Series :smile:

    I love the interieur of the Damier Speedy, the red is gorgeous!!