Does anybody else think that LB needs its own folder/section?

  1. Over half the posts in here are about those shoes..
  2. yup yup :yes:
  3. CL's?
    Yes....there is another thread somewhere about this too!
    They deserve their own section.
    Plus we also need a Sizing Thread.
  4. What's "LB"? :confused1:
  5. LB??? what's that?
  6. haha i think the OP means louboutin..right?
  7. if you guys are talking about CL's... just click on the link below.. and VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! yeeey..

    if this isnt about CL's ... sorry for hijacking the thread!
  8. Your wish is my command!! :flowers:
  9. Yea!!! So happy!
  10. OMG I'm so excited! I have to admit, I'm way more a shoe whore than a bag hag ;)
  11. YAY!!!:woohoo:

    Thank you Megs!