does anybody else have a VIOLENT mc speedy?

  1. Okay, so I've my MC Speedy for a few months and never really used it until the past week, and the first time i wore it, it for some reason kept bothering me and i didnt realize what was hurting so bad..until i got home and looked at my elbow crack (where you carry it on the inside of ur elbow) AND THERE WAS ALL BLOOD BLISTER TYPE THING UNDER MY SKIN!!! wtf? so I decided to give it another chance again today..and the same thing keeps keep leaving blood marks underneath my skin? has this happend to anybody? its pretty painful..and although i love the bag SO MUCH..i dont know if I want blood blosters on my arm in that spot people will think im shooting heroin it looks so bad.

    oh and today was the first time i ever had someone ask me if my bag was real! hahahaha it was funny.. i looked at her and laughed as i said :YAHHHH: with a sarcastic face..she said oh because the LV's are upside down and I just kept walking...LOL.
  2. Wow.. I never had that experience with my MC speedy!
    I always carry it in the crook of my arm and it never caused me any pain, let alone blood blisters!!
    I guess you will have to carry it by hand or make sure you are wearing long sleeves?!
  3. When my Mom had a Papillion, she got a blood blister from the straps pinching her (how that happened, not sure, LOL).
  4. i don't have the speedy in mc but in azur25. i carry fairly alot inside the bag including umbrella, 500ml water etc. whenever i use my speedy i always rotate carrying the bag between hand carry, wrist carry, elbow carry among my both hands especially since the bag leaves some marking on my wrist/ elbow after some time.
  5. Do you carry a lot of stuff in your bag? I know that my MC speedy does get pretty heavy, so I try not carry too much stuff when I use it ... maybe you have sensitive skin. Try using it wearing a thick long sleeve or sweater perhaps?
  6. cant say that has ever happened to me :shrugs: that's weird though!
  7. That was my first thought ... sounds like the bag is too heavy. I'm pretty sure I had something like that happen to me ages ago, caused by a too-heavy bag.
  8. I have read post before where other members who love their mc speedy say they wish it were not so heavy. So the bag must be a little heavy before adding anything to it and then once you add your items, I guess it can get weighty. Try rotating it from arm to hand and then other arm just to see if this helps out. It is sucha beautiful bag, if I were you, I would find a wear to wear it so it doesn't do that! good luck!
  9. You probally have very sensitive skin and your bag is too heavy, the pain is worth it though . haha
  10. Maybe the bags too heavy/too many things in it? I think you should wear something long sleeved when you wear the speedy or just carry it with your hands.

    The only violent thing my MC speedy has done is make a little ding in my car. I went to open the door with the speedy in the crook of my arm, (I had a ton of things in my other hand) it slide down, And BAM! New small dent in my car. :cursing:
  11. i got bruises on my wrist from MC speedy (and mirror lockit) in the past.... yes, i put too much crap in there, then i hang the bag on my wrist while pushing the stroller at the mall.......

    all the pain we go through for the FAB bags~!!!! lol
  12. do you own any other handheld bag like speedy before? It took me a while to get adjust of carrying hand held bag (Azur speedy 30), and an empty MC speedy felt like a ton when I tried it out in store back then. But after I try it again in store recently, I just noticed it's a bit heavier than Azur, but not as bad when I first felt.
  13. Yeah but not just with this bag, it happened with a few others as well.
    My mom always bashes her MC Speedy into glass doors and cabinets...almost every time we're in a store lol.
  14. yeah it weighs a lot more because of the brass corners, and extra pcoket--also the alcantara suede it heavier so i guess thats why. plus i had a ton of stuff in it.
  15. frig the car! hows the speedy? lol