Does Anybody Else Hang onto the Boxes, Bags, and Ribbons for Things You've Bought?

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  1. My husband bought me a beautiful Bottega Veneta bag for Valentines Day (and gave it to me early). I took the box and the shopping bag and put it in a closet with my other purse boxes and bags and suddenly wondered, staring at those boxes, if this is a weird thing to do.

    This isn't entirely confined to purses either. I have a tendency to hang onto the boxes, bows, ribbons, bags, and other bits that come along with almost anything that matters much to me. If I am on an overseas trip, I will keep the shopping bags, and fold them neatly into the bottom of my suitcase. I don't know why -- I never use them again -- but I just can't seem to throw away bags with words like PARIS or ROME on them. If I get a fabulous present, I will often keep the box. I still have the box -- carefully rewrapped -- from my engagement ring, sitting on the dresser in my bedroom. Now note I'm not a newlywed. That box has been sitting there for 24 years.

    I'm not some weird hoarder who has piles of stuff all over her house, but still I wonder about this. So what about you guys? Do you do this too or am I simply pathological?:wacko:
  2. I haven't bought anything that has come with a dustbag or a special box/bag yet - but I know I'll be hanging onto those things when I do! There's just some sort of quality about these boxes that reflects the luxury of the item inside.
  3. I hang on to some of the more special purchases or gifts. I kept my LV boxes but I've only got two. Other bag purchases, I hold on to the tags. For other purchases I used to hang on to everything but it's not really possible with limited space, so I've had to toss it.

    Whenever we went on trips, I'd pick up business cards at B&Bs or museums and cafes, and keep them as a reminder of where we've been. Tucked in a suitcase or in my drawers.
  4. I do save anything that comes with my bags. I turn around and sell bags when I fall out of love with them to finance new bags, and I've found the more of the original packaging I have the easier time I have selling.
  5. I save the boxes that my purses come in as well. I saved every last scrap of tissue, ribbon, box, etc when I got my Chanel reissue flap. I still get butterflies when I use that bag and saving the box & its contents reminds me of how excited I was to receive it. :love:

    I also come from a family that didn't have a lot of material-wise and my mom would reuse shopping bags, grocery sacks, plastic bags, styrofoam containers, etc, so I know that some of my mentality comes from that. I still fold and save my shopping bags, guess I'm turning into my mom! :nuts:
  6. I save all mine, too. :yes:

    But then, I probably am a weird hoarder! :lol:
  7. Nope, I force myself to throw it out. I want to hang onto it, because it's so pretty, but I just don't have the space.
  8. I have a ton of boxes and bags from LV, Coach, Tiffany, and my favorite local jeweler. I especially love the drawer-like LV boxes that you get with small accessories. The bags from the jeweler are really luxe. They are made of this thick, glossy, textured paper that is embossed with the jeweler's logo in gold. It's not like I reuse the stuff either. I just can't bring myself to get rid of them.
  9. I save them! I have a stack of bags folded neatly in my closet, and boxes for a few things. I also turn around and use some of them again, though. At the shop where I buy my mascara, for example, they pack it in a Chanel bag with a ribbon and tissue, and since my sister loves packaging, I'll wrap her lipglosses or candles or things like that in those bags. Or, when I went to visit my family last time, I'd picked up a bunch of small souvenirs in Paris, and took them to the US in a bag I'd gotten at H&M there (with a map and the store location all over it) for her. It's fun.

    My LV packaging stays MINE, though. Same with my Longchamp packaging from my first trip to one of their boutiques. And I save the tags from designer clothes, in case I ever want to resell (which happens).
  10. Nope - I don't hang onto boxes. The only boxes I have are my shoeboxes and it's only because I ran out of space to place my shoes - otherwise I'd get rid of my shoe boxes. My place would seem even more clutter with boxes and shopping bags (also I keep thinking of hoarders).
  11. I do! I absolutely hateee clutter normally, but I save the bag, ribbons, box, everything! I'm lucky though, because I have my own apartment AND my old room at my parents house, so I don't really need to worry about space right now.
  12. I save all the boxes, bags, tags, and ribbons to anything expensive that I buy. I only recently mustered up the courage to throw away the boxes and bags that my Coach stuff came in. I realized that I have alot of boxes and things from bags that I have sold so I told myself its time to move on and toss the boxes as well. I try to only boxes for my premier designer bags now.
  13. I remember when I bought my first COACH in Vegas. Coming home the box wouldnt fit into my suitcase so I carried it on with my. I was not leaving that box I keep everything the bag comes with as well.
  14. Just like you, I save them all :biggrin: I figured if I ever have to give a gift, I can go shopping in my pile of "junk" instead of buying brand new ones.
  15. I hang onto ribbons, boxes, and bags... I can't seem to help it. I do find them useful sometimes, like when I return online orders or donate to charity. I've been able to reuse the ribbons for gifts or even as a waist belt on a dress.

    It's not bad to hand onto stuff like this, as long as it's not out of control... remember, reduce, reuse, and recycle!