Does Anybody Else Feel This Way?

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  1. When I sell an item on feeBay and ship it I keep checking my e-mails to make sure the buyer got it and everything went well. I now expect each transaction to end up as a dispute. I have no trust for feeBay or buyers anymore. My expectation is to be scammed or for there to be a chargeback, or something, depsite my perfect condition items and great descriptions. I do everything by the book, but I am still so paranoid. I am now in the habit of taking photographs at the post office of the package with the postage on it being held by the postal clerk. I then send the photo to the buyer so they know it was sent, along with tracking number. Look at the confidence feeBay has instilled in sellers *sigh*
  2. Yes, I frequently wonder after each group of my auctions many chargebacks I will get.

    I just had 4 auctions end a couple of weeks ago......3 of them sold and 2 were NPB that I had to file FVF on(they both paid on the last day) so I sent their items out but now wonder what they will do next. ONLY 1 auction paid within the 48 hours I requested and left positive feedback. It really makes you wonder why we bother:shrugs:

    I have two little kids and normally sell their outgrown clothing each season, they have some wonderful things. However, I have decided to take the bulk of it to a consignment shop and not bother this Spring. It is not worth the trouble.
  3. Only 2 of us? Wow!
  4. Yes everyone is running paranoid on the bay as it stands now.Esp. with no neg buyer's FB allowed...but what can you do? Some people have gone to Bonanzle but I am sure that is full of scamming buyers too. At least you have some inkling of protection on ebay/PP.
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    Only 2 of us? Wow!

    No, it's just that there's a lot of threads on this topic, tons.
    It's a good idea to do a search before starting a new thread
    about a broad issue like this one because more often than not
    there are threads, active and older ones, on which you could
    post your comments. :smile:
  6. I feel like this too, I feel a bit better after buyer leaves feedback, but before that I keep checking ebay messages.I think being a seller on ebay is very stressful, even if you are honest and try to do everything by the book.
  7. Yup, I do the exact same thing, especially now.
    I sold 2 pricier items for my mom in the last couple of weeks...1 user is now NARU (she was newer, then paid and went NARU, so it may have been a different issue) and the other hasn't let me know her item arrived, even though I know it did.
    I got delivery confirmation, signature confirmation and insurance on both so I'm pretty much covered, but still...I always ask that buyers let me know when they get their items but they seldom do and it's really annoying.
  8. Couldn't find one. Having said that, I am aware of the rules about checking for older threads.
  9. I know the feeling. Buyers nowandays act like they are doing me a favor by purchasing from me. I always ship in a timely matter, answer all emails yet they still don't leave me positive feedback. I even send a thank you note with all my packages. WTH! Sorry just venting too.
  10. [I wasn't talking about rules, didn't even mentioned that. I was answering your question as to why maybe others weren't saying anything, didn't want you to feel bad about it...that's all. Moot point now.]
  11. I totally feel this way. I have ONE bag left to sell, where I might make some decent $$ & as soon as I do, I'm DONE selling anything with significant $$ involved. Like a couple of hundred. I'll sell books, clothes, etc...but I'm so over selling these expensive bags! I even got banned from selling my LV Damier Speedy on ebay for 90 days b/c I questioned why I got suspended for 30 days! As soon as I can unload this bag, I vow to never sell another handbag!
  12. I agree. I had one listing on bonanzle and the only inquiry I got was from someone very suspicious, so I took the listing down. I love the idea of bonanzle, but it's like the Wild West on there.
  13. I have had it with the whole eBay thing. I shipped a brand new bag to a buyer and now she is claiming that it's all scratched up and shows signs of wear. Um, hardly. I just issued her a refund because I don't want to deal with the hassle. I'm an honest seller and I really hate dealing with rude, shady people.
  14. I sold an item last week. This morning got an email saying my item was fake per the sale rep at the store and I'd better refund her money or she would leave me a negative. Now I know my item is authentic because I purchased it directly from the store myself and a lot the sales rep don't know what there talking about half the time. So I was like whatever just return it with my security tag in tact. I didn't want to deal with the drawn out drama of a dispute.

    So I understand what your saying. I'm still not sure if I will relist or not.
  15. i am shocked, SHOCKED whenever i get positive feedback. sad, huh? haha