Does anybody "design" purses in their dreams??

  1. Hi All,

    I find that some nights (after looking at bags online especially) I will dream of handbags...and I will dream up some fabulous designs! The other night I dreamt of some gorgeous pastel leathers with differently colored handle accents that were just so pretty! I woke up and thought "Wow!". Two minutes later it faded away...and I "lost" the design.

    A few days later I dreamt of other designs, one right after the other. I tell ya ladies, I was building a "collection"! :roflmfao:

    wonder if any of you ever come up with designs in your sleep too.

    Hmmm......wonder if that is how it's done in italy?:idea:
  2. i do that with art and photographs, actually. in my dream, and artist is sculpting or painting or making photographs in my studio and they are absolutely TDF. in the dream, i wish they were mine!

    i wake up, and realize the designs are completely mine! (i get a little depressed or self conscious sometimes my designs, not being 'great')
    Then, i forget all the wonderful details that make the pieces great!

    If only i could access that part of my brain when i was awake!

    and, to answer the question directly, i only dream of bags when i am awake! like every lv in the world being made in mono mat black and purple! dying here!

    esp a mini speedy hl in purple....yum to the 5th power!
  3. What a good thought....I do look at some of my bags from time to time and re-design it in my mind....little improvements here and there....and just wish I could turn that into reality.
  4. lol maybe you should start your own collection in reality then :idea: well i dont really dream of designs but i do look at some of my handbags and wish they were different in some ways. Sometimes i imagine already available styles in different colors :heart:
  5. that's so funny! the same thing happens to me...I'm starting to wonder if I missed my calling as a handbag deisgner!
  6. I would LOVE to design bags!! I would love to be like Kate Spade and start my own line. Sigh.
  7. I dream of designing handbags, and design in my mind and sketch them. So LUCKILY I don't forget them. I should scan some in for you ladies!

    It's is my lifetime dream to design handbags and have my own collections in real life. :heart::heart:
  8. maybe it's your calling
  9. Nope, but sometimes I buy them in my dreams!
  10. I've had nightmares about bad things happening to a beloved purse.
  11. lol sometimes i dream of buying something and its so real that when i wake up it actually makes me sad that it wasnt true. How addicted am i hahaha
  12. I think you are trying to tell yourself something!!! Maybe you should design bags!! I do know that I have the perfect bag for me in mind..I can't find it...It hasn't been made yet..I'm patiently waiting for the designers to get on my wave length!!! And yes I dream about it which makes it worse! :heart: Emmy
  13. This is amusing. I just bought myself a sketchbook last night to sketch down some of the bags I've been dreaming up.

    Now I just need to learn how to make them! heh. (or maybe hire someone to do it?)
  14. My perfect dream/own design bag is realized in the Chloe' Paddington WITHOUT the lock. The lock is good, too, but not for something close to my design. That's why Chloe-philes shouldn't be too hard on me for often wearing it w/o the lock/key. :yes:

    Although, I like structured bags better for my own designs. :shrugs: Then again, the Paddy softness makes it sooooooooo good. But I can't go copy it! He he.

    What is your dream bag like?
  15. We should all get together and make a line!! ONE of us must know how to make!! That might be neat.