Does anybody cook?

  1. If so, I subscribe to a magazine called Cuisine at Home, and I really love it! Comes with tips for the kitchen, recipes, and preparation guidelines in each issue. It breaks down some complex recipes and makes them easier to make. There are also fancier recipies, as well as weeknight menus in each edition, so the recipes cover the spectrum in terms of use, too.

    If you like restaurant-style fare, but are unsure how to go about it, this is a great magazine. The website is: if you are interested.
  2. Hey, thanks for that!
    I do cook, alot...i don't particularly enjoy cooking, but once it's served and on the table i do get a sense of satisfaction after all the hard work! If it tastes good too...even better..:graucho: :biggrin:
  3. thanks! another great one is "fine cooking". great, easy, gourmet recipes!
  4. You are welcome! I figured some of the PF members would love this magazine!
  5. I am not "CAPABLE" of cooking at all... but I do appreciate a good meal no matter what! Thanks for sharin! :smile:
  6. thank u for the information...
  7. hahaha, nope can't cook a thing. i can burn cereal.
    seriously, i can only boil.
  8. ^^^ me too!
  9. Nope, not me
  10. Cook's Illustrated (and its more "country" sister publication Cook's Country) is a good cooking magazine, too. They test a bunch of recipes for one thing and come up with a single best recipe. They also have equipment and ingredient ratings by brand, and they don't take advertisements so it's reliable information. They do a PBS cooking show called America's Test Kitchen and have published some cookbooks, too.
  11. hey thanks a lot. i cook but not as often as DH. he really has spoiled me.
  12. i cant cook. i try from time to time. biut im bad. need practice...

    i love looking at recepies though and buying recpie books. ahhaa.
  13. Thanks, I love to cook. I actually use Bon Appetit and Gourmet, but I'd love to look into this.
  14. Thanks for the info tln. I love cooking!!