Does anybody carry the large Looping? (Looping GM?)

  1. I'm wanting to get a larger tote-style bag to use and can't decide between a few. My first choice is the Luco but also looking at Cabas Mezzo and the large Looping bag.

    The handle looks so thick! Is it bothersome to carry it on your shoulder?

    Of the Luco, Mezzo and Looping -- what would be your first choice??


  2. I had the Looping MM and sold it as the handles drove me nuts - they just didn't feel comfortable on my shoulder. But I loved the shape!

    Luco or Mezzo but no worries about vachetta bottoms on the Luco!
  3. ^same here.
    I had the looping GM and sold it because the darn handle!!
    It hurt like heck.. when I carried it. And after a while it kind of took a weired shape like a cone head! :Push: