Does anybody belong to any sorts of art sites?

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  1. I belong to several different art communities that let you join and show off your work, and didn't know if anybody else belonged to any as well.

    I belong to deviantart:
    and flickr:

    What do you belong to?:heart:
  2. No, but I am certainly interested!

    Some of my pics are in flickr - see signature. But I haven't joined any groups yet.
  3. I like Suzi Blu's Mixed Media on ning. She has a lot of videos and such on you tube.
    I also have some stuff on flickr.
  4. I'm on ravelry but I don't really know how to use it haha.
  5. I know alot of us are used to thinking of *bay as Evil-bay, but to me its just like any other community (that happens to provide me with whatever my imagination or greedy little nature will think up)
    So I am a member of several of the craft groups on *bay. I have one other site in mind, too but I have to remember the name.
  6. Im on deviantart aswell :smile:
  7. what's your username CeCChanel? :smile:
  8. I'm on ravelry as well... between it and tPF I manage to kill many hours every day. ;)