Does Any Other Handbag Hold Its Value Like a Balenciaga?

  1. I thought this would be an interesting/enlightening discussion. :yes: There seems to be a diehard group of collectors for Balenciaga handbags which helps to support its resale price. IMO, that is directly linked to the same identical style being produced yearly in different colors and leather textures. I have now become an addict. And an extremely happy addict. :love: Question One: Why do you think that Balenciaga handbags hold their value? Question Two: Are there other handbags out there that hold their values like Balenciaga? Here is one that I have noticed - the now retired Stephen Sprouse Graffiti line for Louis Vuitton. I don't have any, but I would love to have a speedy in graffiti.
  2. Great thread idea! V interested to see what people have to say on this... I'm a total newbie to bbags and have just one sooo gorgeous bag in my collection so far, but I thought very long and hard before investing. Answer to question 1 (IMO) cos they are just so very desirable, understated and stylish - timeless really ... and question 2 - well you have those cult bags out there that cost mega mega mega bucks... My DH just couldn't believe it when I showed him a pic of a bag that cost almost 20K$ :wtf:

    I haven't even told him how much my Bbag cost. He wouldn't do anything useful with that kind of information :whistle: Looking forward to hearing the views of others....
  3. Some brands I can think of are Hermes and Chanel - aren't they pretty comparable in how well they hold their value - or not? I have never been obsessed w/any brand other than Balenciaga, so I don't know...
  4. ^^I'm going to have to agree. I def think chanel bags hold their value, along with hermes, and Louis vuitton (esp the metallics PS I also LOVE the grafiti line). IMO I think bbags hold their value because of the leather, and they rare colors they produce. I seem to hold on to the rare colors just because they are "RARE" not because I wear them all the time. I know that probably sounds bad, but, I just can't seem to part with them.
  5. Chanel and Hermes limit the production of their bags so they tend to hold their value well because they are hard to get and there is never a surplus. LV bags never go on sale, and their LE bags are also extremely hard to get. Balenciaga bags hold their value well due to their popularity and due to the fact that colors are discontinued each season. I think Balenciaga bags are unique in the aspect that people collect colors rather than styles. Its the only brand I can think of where someone would own 10 of the same style of bag - but in all different colors.
  6. ^^ ditto, i don't think any other brand except for chanel, hermes & LV hold their value the way b-bags do...not only that, but older/vintage b-bags often sell for over double their original retail cost :cutesy:
  7. I've owned one Hermes handbag - a potiron Birkin, and I sold it for what I paid for it on eBay.

    I have several epi LV pieces, and they have not held their value at all.

    I have several vernis LV pieces, and unfortunately, they were in the colors of pink and blue, and the colors faded. I sold the faded blue vernis (a Houston) for around $200.00 - I paid around 800 to 900 for it. I still have a pale yellow vernis Houston which is fine, but its value has declined a lot. I have a bronze colored vernis whose value has declined a lot.

    I have a lot of multi-color LV pieces, and compared to Balenciaga, I could not get anywhere near what I paid for them.

    Yes, the LV LE pieces are worth a lot when they first come out, and everyone is clamoring for them, but what about three years later? Is there a line where the prices have actually increased? I just saw a LV Theda (a limited edition piece) sell for about 33% of its initial retail value - and it was real.
  8. A little OT, but I'm still dreaming of that bag as well :heart: :heart: :heart:
  9. Hi bama,

    I think that the older, most desired, Bbags are appreciating at a faster rate than any other brand. But I don't frequent the Hermes or Chanel sites at all. So, in your experience, are there certain Chanel bags, say two to four years old, that now sell for more than what they sold for when originally purchased? :?:
  10. ^^ that's a really good question girl & i don't know the answer (?) for LV, i guess maybe only certain lines hold their value well (cerises, panda, groom, etc.), along with vintage bags...i sold my 15 year old LV speedy 25 on e-bay last fall & got close to retail :tender:
  11. Yes, some of the LV Murakami Cherry Blossom pieces sell for over retail even used....
    Also, for those of you that remember the Toronto Star article from a few months ago (where my Balenciaga addiction was outed to millions of people all at once and I have yet to live it down, BTW), it had Constance White from eBay and Barbara Atkin of Holt Renfrew discussing which bags hold their value best and why. If anyone is really interested, I can post the link to the article again if I can dig it up...
  12. Good for you! :yahoo: I just think it is so interesting to see which handbags hold their value, and in the same vein, when a line is discontinued, which bags still remain sought after.

    The LV cherry line, cerises, I can see where that would bring a nice price. I didn't buy any at that time because I was angry with LV about a repair issue. I might buy one now though. :smile:
  13. I would love to read it!!!!:amazed: That is too funny, you were outed!!! That is exactly what I would love to read. :yes:
  14. ^^Ditto
    I have never owned so many of one particular brand. The main thing I look for is the colour, then the for the style I like to try new things and when I find a style I like, I want it in other colours! Half the fun of buying Balenciaga is seeing what the leather will be like and matching it to my outfits! The only other brand/bag which I have mulitiples of is Fendi Spy bags....the prinicple is the same, I look for the colour, then the leather!:love: The fact that colours are discontinued does make this more of a collecting addicition for me! I guess it's like collecting dolls or stamps!!:heart: Each one is different and you never know if you will ever see one like it again! :heart: That must be why I have never sold a single one of my BBags or my Spies!! I do like the fact that Balenciaga isn't sold in every retailer, but in a select few in the UK...this makes it more exclusive and I think that's another reason they hold their value!
  15. I know exactly what you mean - it is a collecting addiction because of the limited number of colors/leather available. I hope that Balenciaga doesn't start ramping up production to the nnnnnth degree. :yucky: That would diminish the Bbag lust for me.