Does any one watch Flavor of Love on VH1?

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  1. I know it's a guilty plesure , and I dont like "reality" shows -generally, but OMG it's so HILARIOUS! It MUST be scripted I mean not Evry girl could be THAT looney. I ve had a blast watching it tho .... Any one else ?
  2. Heck yeah I watch it. New York is HILARIOUS. She is repulsive but you gotta watch her. Hoops is very pretty but she is very tomboyish and borderline dike to me. Her mother is off the hook too.
  3. Both of their Moms are off the Hook ... NY's mom is a real fruit loop..:wacko:
  4. This is funny, but my hubby watches this and he HATES reality TV. He only watches ESPN. But he thinks it's sooo funny!
  5. Oh I just couldn't Flav is so annoying to me, although he seems like a nice guy!
  6. I can't wait to see the reunion show. I want to see New York beat the crap out of Pumpkin.
  7. OHHH there is gonna be some hair pullin weave throwing classiness going on on that reunion show ... lemme tell you ... wonder how Pumpkin's aim with loogies got so good ... maybe she chews tobacoo and spits it into one of those gold pots :idea:
  8. Pumpkin was such trash. I hated her from the first episode. New York, even though she was a *****, was always my favorite.
  9. Pumpkin was always what in Victorian times would have been refered to as " a woman of lose moral fiber" and now days ((esp down south )) we just call her : "Ridden hard and put back wet"...NY was always funniest to watch ... wish she wouldnt do her eye makeup like she was in a prize fight albeit:sick:
  10. LMFAO, my thoughts exactly!!
  11. do you think that they will throw chairs?
  12. I agree about Pumpkin...that was not classy to spit on New York...even though I didn't like New York on the show, I had no respect for Pumpkin for the spitting...

  13. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  14. spitting is very 3rd grade ... well thats as far as they get in the trailer park at any rate
  15. the trailer park .. under the powerlines