Does any one own a Dooney and Bourke Giant Sac in Anniversary Signature?

  1. Hi
    I think I may have made a mistake and purchased Giant Sac. The extra large is large, but not overpowering. You know, I usually don't buy this brand at all, but liked these bags. Would not pay the insane amount needed for a Gucci horsebit when they came out. And I don't do fakes (of course). if you have one, how tall are you? Does it hold too much? Other problems, etc. would be great. I think this may end back up on e-bay!
    Thanks a lot.
    Off to work!
  2. Post some pics when you get it, so we can all see. I've seen the D&B Giant Sac, but not in person and I think it looks really nice.
  3. My husband loves Dooney for some reason- and I like a bigger bag. He got me a giant sac bag in demin last Christmas. I use it constantly- it's 12 inches by some other- not their largest one. I finally switched off this past week because Macy's had a sale on Dooneys and hubby bought me 2 summer bags.

    I think you will be happy with the giant sac. I find it to be a great schlep bag. I told hubby to get a new one for me for this Christmas!
  4. Hi
    Thanks for your response! I have also the Extra Large in navy which is great fpr smmer because it's so nice with denim, white, red, cream,.., etc. The Giant is in black, which is okay, because living in the Big Apple, I have a ton of black (lots of brown, too) but I am worried that it will be way too big. Will try to post pix, but I am photgraphically challenged. (It's probably a good idea, because if it really doesn't suit, it will travel to ebayland.
  5. No, but I wish that I did! I am 5'1 and I would carry it but I like big bags. You have to be comfortable, if you are not sell the bag. I have bought bags that I like but never use becuase I am not comfortable with them. The bag has got to fit your personality, don't let anyone make up your mind for you. Take care.
  6. Thanks
    It actually came today. Not too bad, because it slouches. I am 5'4 and a half. The jury is still out, though. Thanks for your thoughts.