does any one only have lv accessories

  1. and no bags? just curious b/c i love the accessories.
  2. I have one messenger and the rest accessories... but will soon change. :biggrin: I'm planning to get another messenger soon, along with my first RTW piece.
  3. ^
    Which one?? :yahoo:
  4. More accessories than bags, b/c I love to dress up the bags.
  5. I still have more bags than accessories, but that is changing. I am also getting into the accessories.
  6. Which one as in which messenger bag I have? If so, it's the Abbesses which I got in '04, but my sis is using it, hence why it's not in my collection thread. :sad:
  7. i have more bags than accessories but LV has been releasing a new line of affordable accessories and jewelry so they've been on my list of most recent purchases.

    check out the new accessories at the vuitton website :smile:
  8. Lol, no, which RTW piece are you planning to get? ;)
  9. more accessories. which i dont like. i need some more BAGS!
  10. More bags! I always drool over accessories and then think 'well for another 400-500$ I could buy a bag!'
    I think I am slowly changing over to lusting after accessories because I am startng to feel satisfied with my bag collection (that satisfaction probably won't last long though LOL)
  11. Oh... sorry. It's just my first day of class on a Saturday and still a little spaced out. I'm not used to being up this early on Saturdays. :p

    I'm getting this gray tee that has a pocket on the left breast. Above the pocket, there's a 1 MC LV and 5 MC fleurs. I think it's the last one in the company and might get it sometime next week.
  12. Well, I have more pochettes and some consider these accessories.
  13. I only have LV accessories and no bags... :p
    I like LV accessories, especially wallet... very durable!!!

    :shrugs: I don't know why... I don't like to use monogram bags!!!
  14. I would venture to say that I have as many LV accessories as I do LV bags. :yes:
  15. I'm starting to catch the accessories bug! I just purchased my first LV bag 3 weeks ago and my new Pochette Florentine should be here soon. Now I feel I NEED to have a cosmetic pouch, coin purse, and key holder too...LOL All the accessories are so nice....