does any one know wrapping film of gucci?

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  1. hi all,

    i would like to ask if ALL real gucci bags comes with the plastic film that covers the hardware. also, the plastic film has the words gucci repeated on it?

    or do gucci also have bags that just have plain plastic films?

    need a little help here,

  2. Depending where you bought it, I guess? I had ordered online a Blondie bag a long time ago and it had a plain plastic film over the huge logo and then I purchased a bag in the store and it didn't have any plastic film on any of the hardware.
  3. I bought a bag in store a few years back and there wasn't plastic film over the hardware. But i bought a bag a few months ago and it had clear plastic film on the hardware. I guess it depends on if the sa takes it off or not?

  4. hi there true blue gal, thanks lots, but does the plastic film have the words 'gucci' written on it? thanks lotsss once again:smile:
  5. mine did
  6. There was plastic film on the zipper pull of my bag, but not over the other significant parts of hardware.
  7. I don't remember about the plastic film on my princy that I purchased directly from the GUCCI store, however there was a plastic flim or more like a one-sized tape over the brass hardware -so not to scratch up the brass. I am going to buy a black purse tomorrow from the GUCCI store, or Neiman's -not sure if I want to give the snotty girl the commssion! HA! HA! I'll let you know tomorrow what I find out....
  8. My small Gucci bag that had hardware was protected by the plastic film. it had Gucci written all over it. It took me forever to get that print off the hardware. However, I don't think it comes with all of them. If it was on display or someone bought and returned it, it's possible that it may not have that film.
  9. I have the belt bag and the film covered all the metal pieces and the film had GUCCI all over it, I'll see if I have a photo. . .
  10. Let's see if you can see this.
  11. Mine has gucci written all over it too.

  12. hi there Lyrehc, do let know when you find out tmr!:yes:
  13. bump
  14. I have four Gucci bags and none of them had any plastic on them when I purchased them...
  15. My Eclipse Gucci bag came with the film with Gucci on it