Does any one know where I can purchase a mini Toilet?

  1. HI... I called a few stores that carry Balenciaga and no one acts like they even know what I am talking about , when I ask them if they have the mini/small Toilet case. If any one could PLEASE let me know where to find these little cuties... I would GREATLY appericate it, Thanks
  2. If you live in the UK, i saw a black one 14th August in Selfridges on Oxford Street London. The SA's can be a bit clueless so if you tell them it is in the display case it might help.

    If you're outside the UK they do mail order:

    If you are outside the UK i could call them tomorrow and ask them if they still have it and let you know? save you the cost of calling from overseas only to find they don't have it anymore!
  3. hey T, moving this to shopping for better coverage :tup: