does any one know what gucci shoes are on sale

  1. i know gucci is having a sale on gucci like 30% off
    but theres no stores in my erea that sell gucci
    i called Saks in california and newyork they said the sell is
    now (dont know if its a presale )but they dont want to describe the shoes to me or anything . can any one help me ?????
  2. my SA told me most of the cruise line will be on sale....of course minus my fav the pop!!! :sad: i was very upsettttttt! hehe
  3. Do y'all think any wallets will be on sale?
  4. ^^ yes, lots of wallets at pretty good prices!
  5. does anyone know if these shoes are on sale? (I'm looking for it in silver, but NM only carries red and black :sad:)

    photo credits: NM