does any one know the name of these Christian Louboutins?

  1. Cant see to find out what they're called other than they are patent loafers

    any ideas?
  2. They are called R3D3 (lol I know makes you think of R2D2 hahahaha). NAP is getting them in silver. The heel is 110 mm and is a stiletto one. Hope that helps!
  3. What a weird name!
  4. They are so gorgeous! Sexy, professional, a tad whimsical, and very wearable; there isn't a thing more you can ask for in a shoe without sacrificing its versatility.
  5. I personally like the silver one the best, it just makes the classic loafer style stick out and even give it a bit of glam. what a cute name !
  6. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    patent loafer pump

    from bergdorf's site
  7. Love them, but sure wish that heel was 110, not 100. That extra little bit makes them so hard for walking around the city
  8. does anyone know the sizing of these shoes? are they true to size?
  9. Has anyone purchased these shoes? If so, please post pics. I would love to see these on. They must look awesome on the foot, although I am not crazy about them just looking at them, perhaps my opinion will change once I see them on.
  10. Good question! I'd like to know about the sizing too!
  11. I haven't tried them on, but I have a feeling they would run like the patent decolletes...just seems like the toe box runs narrow. lol
  12. oh really! so a size up u think?
  13. ^^^oh I don't know for sure, I was just guessing. I know NAP is getting this style or already has it, so email their product advisor and they will get back to you right away and tell you! I was just guessing by looking at the pics. lol