Does any one know the best website for carrying Cartier watch?

  1. Hello all, I want to get a Cartier watch for my gf for so long. I don't really know any good watch websties, please advise me if any of you can help. Thank you!!
  2. I once found several cartiers on costco's website, so you might want to try that first. There are a couple of other sites that I considered that seemed legit and sold discounted cartiers (e.g.,, but it is unlikely that they are "authorized dealers." I think Neimans and/or Saks also sell cartiers online if you are not concerened with getting it at a discount. I ended up forgoing the website route and just getting mine from a jeweler in LA who I was very happy with -- if you PM me, I can send you details.
  3. I was going to suggest Jomashop too--they're my favorite for handbags, and I know they have a lot of watches, really nice stuff. i just got a coupon from them for a handbag sale, and I knew I had to come and post it here! Gonna put that in the specials section..but check them out for watches. They're cool--good discounts. But probably not authorized.
  4. I say also. My friend got a Cartier from them and I've purchased 2 Movados. They are definitely the "real deal"!
  5. So this site carries authentics? I saw someone post code just now, so went to check it out. Their price is really good!!:yes:
  6. Believe it or not, the best best and best price for a Cartier (I have the roadster and tank) is Saks. Wait for the GC event, also they give 10% off and don't charge tax or shipping. My watch was $4200 and I paid $3100 after all the discounts.
  7. My Saks has a Cartier boutique, on EGC you get a great deal.:heart:H
  8. Also try They actually have a store front in Rockville, MD. My friend bought couple Rolex's there.
  9. ^Did they get a % off the Rolex?
  10. I know about the GC event...but can you explain to me how 4200 went down to 3100???? Something still isn't adding up.
  11. BTW when considering getting a watch from an unauthorized dealer you better be REALLY careful b/c you may have a super low resale value if the serial # has been scratched off. I know this was the case at some of the websites in the past....I can't remember well I think it was
  12. Yes, when I went there to get a Cartier watch, it was a private showing with a SA. I ended up not buying since the watch I wanted was heavier than I thought it was going to be but they were really nice. They are not a authorized dealer and hence the discount. I got my husband a Rolex from an authorized dealer at full price but since there hasn't been any problems with it, not sure if I'd pay the full price again.
  13. BTW, it's a very generous gift. I wish my husband would buy me a gift like that without me having to put post it all over the house of what I want.:biggrin:
  14. I bought it the day before the price increase so it was $3950 - 10% = $3555 got a $450 gc which I sold on ebay for $440 = $3110 (sorry I was off by $10) Also they don't charge tax if you do a charge send from another store and with a purchase of this amount they waive the shipping. I just got it in Feb. and LOVE it!