does any one know the 07 summer show pieces polka dots series cost?

  1. Oh, my god.....I was just checking out the LV website and among the show pieces, the polka dots series are so pretty......especially the polka dots panema bowly and the polka dots navy......I assume that they are going to be pretty pricy....but I was wondering, does anyone know the prices?

    Soooo curious....and does anyone know when they are coming out also? I might hold off buying my patch work speedy in grey!
  2. Hmmm... I think I recall the prices were something like:

    Pochette- $3,920 USD
    Pochette Rabat- $4,950 USD
    Besace- $7,500 USD
  3. Those are 50% down pieces correct
  4. So I guess the polka dot series come in pochette and besace too? :confused1:

    On the LV website, they have the bowly and the big steamer style for the polka dot panema series, morgane and viviane for the polka dots fleur series and corsaire and bowly for the polka dot navy you know the prices for these? :confused1:

    Thanks anyways!:smile:
  5. Here's the styles, courtesy of Label Addict's post:
    Polka Dot Canvas:

    Polka Dot Flowers:

    And the Polka Dot Stripes:
  6. gorgeous bags..
    a little out of reach price wise for me right now.
  7. I love the beige panema.