Does any one else like this?

  1. I plan on getting this necklace on June 3rd. I want the blue though. I was just wondering what other people thought about this. It's only $315.00. It is a gift from my dad and I keep telling my self to get it but then my other half wants to put that money towards something else like shoes but I think I need to just stick with the necklace, I change my mind too much:Push:
    Louis Vuitton Pendant.JPG
  2. CUTE! Go for it!
  3. pass. ;)

    this one is hotter:
    still waiting for them to arrive.
  4. It's nice and if it's a gift from your dad, it would be more appropriate than shoes.
  5. Oh well now that I saw the new sunglasses I want a pair of those NOW!! UHHHHH
  6. Buy shoes or sunglasses !
  7. interesting!!
    what is the silver piece supposed to be?
  8. it is supposed to be CORAL
  9. I prefere the wood and coral than the necklace you showed
  10. Is that a real LV item, or are we making a joke? :biggrin:
  11. It's real, it's in the Men's Ready to Wear Catalog's...

    Oh and I called about the first necklace for $315.00 and they only had one blue one left and I bought it lol. I pick it up Saturday lol :smile:
  12. If you really love it, get it. ;)
  13. OMG of course it's real, it s one of the most fashion press coveted men s accessory
  14. That silver coral and wood necklace is $335.00 in the mens RTW catalog but the chain it is shown on it white gold and it's seperate from the charm... oh well I like mine better! I pick it up Saturday!
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