Does any of your bags have missing parts or physical damage? Do you still love it?


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Jul 22, 2009
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I just lost the hang tag for my legacy garcia shoulder flap. I have only carried it for 1 day! I am quite upset about it naturally so I am trying to get a replacement from ebay. (I don't stay in the US)

I am curious to find out does any of your precious Coach bags have any missing 'parts' or physical damage? What did you do to rectify it? And most importantly of all, do you still love it as much as before.

I still love my legacy garcia even though it has a missing hang tag. :smile: I feel even more responsible for her now. ;)
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Mar 13, 2009
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Funny you should mention this! I lost one of the hangtags off of my Ruby Patent Luxey Satchel the very first day I took her out too! Even the reveal I did on here was without it. After about two days of retracing my steps, I sucked it up and got over it....kind of. I couldn't help but feel a twinge of...."imperfection". My story has a happy ending though. My mom found my hangtag in her car yesterday!


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Jul 22, 2009
Hot and sunny island
Oh, you lucky gal! =)

I did traced back my steps but I couldn't locate the hang tag. I wanted to do a reveal too, but kinda lost interest now that the hang tag is missing.


Jun 23, 2009
I'm a weird kind of super freak that is really not picky about things in general.

I bought an aubergine Zoe at the outlet many moons ago that that had a white scratch on the handle and I could have cared less - I did get it for $130 after all, so I figured when you are paying that little for a bag, who cares.

I recently purchased a raspberry op-art Hailey off ebay :cloud9: for $70 ($100 with shipping) that was missing the long strap and one of the 3 hang tags. Again for $70 that was an awesome deal, so I could care less about the missing stuff. I would never have used it cross-body anyway, and 2 hang-tags or 3 hang-tags makes no difference to me.

I might be a bit pickier buying stuff at full price, but still not crazy picky. I never expect a bag (or any other merchandise) to be perfect.


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Apr 20, 2009
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You can call Coach and get a replacement. I lose the hang tag on my haversack and they sent me a replacement for free. They didnt have the one for my bag but they sent me an acceptable brass one.


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Jul 22, 2009
Hot and sunny island
I don't stay in the US, so I can't call up Coach and ask for a replacement. =(

I am checking if I can get a similar replacement hang tag from an ebay seller. It's like having no eyebrows, I won't die, but I just feel weird and irritated.


Nov 1, 2006
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I accept this as normal wear and tear. All of my Coach are missing the hangtags that came with them and honestly, I lost them because I took them off the bags because, well, IMO they were tags and tags are meant to be removed...hahahaha...this was back in the early 1990's - I didn't know any better! And although I don't like to find a scratch on a brand new bag, if one occurs over time, I don't sweat it. I buy my bags to use them and they need to be practical, so if something happens to them I just accept it. I do baby them to an extent but don't go overboard. I did notice today that the hardware on one of my Coach bags is "peeling" for lack of a better word - but the bag is 12 yrs old so I am seriously not surprised - or I should say, I am seriously surprised at how great the bag looks regardless of the peeling hardware!


Jun 9, 2010
It's not hang tags I am worried about...
It's fobs.
Some fobs...wooo boy, have I PAID for. I would be devastated to lose one of those.

As for imperfections, my Raz Hailey has the word "Coach" written on the sateen upside down. Right on the front.
It endears her to me even more, because I feel like she is the "runt" of the litter. :love:
I know Crissy rescued a great one! ;)

I bought my Black lurex poppy hobo off Bonz, and the metallic silver has worn off in a few places. But I still carry it, proudly, and find myself carrying her for a few days in sucession, which is rare for me to do with my bags. I love her to death! And she is "safe", meaning I could never sell her due to the wear. She will be with me till she falls apart!

But, I also agree...if I pay FP for a bag, or buy it brand new, I would expect everything to be with it and it be 98% perfect.
But if I buy it off of ebay (even NWT), or buy it used...yeah, I expect some use.

Just my two cents.


Aug 5, 2006
Vancouver, BC
Ironically the Coach bag I love the most is my teal Sydney that I damaged by leaving it on the (moving) floor at Horizons up in the CN Tower while dining. She was dragged for a couple feet and it scratched the leather in the corners fairly severely but totally not noticeable unless you hold her up to eye level.

I was extremely upset in the beginning and even brought it back to Square One to see if the SA can send it in for repairs. They were busy with a PCE sale and asked if I could return the next day so they can help me better. The kind words I got from the SAs and admiring comments and glances from other customers made me feel she's going to be completely OK without repairs so I never bothered sending her in.

Seeing the scratch just reminds me of a great meal I shared with new and old it turned out to be the best souvenir that I brought back from Toronto :smile:

It's a great testament to your bag if you still love it after some damage...if she's hanging around for a long time she's bound to get damaged unless you're extremely careful 100% of the time.


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Nov 12, 2010
Still a newb so my experiences aren't all /that/ insightful but, as a starter bag, I took the great financial plunge (haha, not really, just hamming it up) and bought 8f44 for $25. Catch was, it came missing the flower pin. I didn't care in the slightest- I loved the colors and the hounds-tooth tweed and the chain strap. Plus, the lack of the decoration gave me an excuse to purchase some charms. ;)
Anyway, my point is, sometimes, missing a piece actually makes you love an item more. My bag feels more like me because it doesn't have the-flower-I-don't-like on it.... and your bags that lose their tags are more like you because they are carrying signs of your journey with them, from the first day on.
Don't let a lost tag ruin the excitement! If a 10 dollar tag is going to make the difference in you having fun revealing your 250+ dollar bag, well.... just take a second to slow down and realize that you're not unlucky for losing the tag but, instead, you're lucky to be privileged enough to own such an awesome bag. :smile:


Jul 7, 2010
I got a Metallic carryall at my outlet and it only had a silver hangtag, so the SA brought out a big box of tags and chains and told me to take whatever I wanted. I later found out (after snatching up about 8 tags) that the carryall only came with that one! so now I have extras in case I lose one on another bag.