Does any of you ladies purchase and use LV men's messenger bag?

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  1. I'm curious because I really like how functional and comfortable those cross body bags. I wouldn't think twice of using it but would like to know if any of you LoVely ladies actually buy and use it???
  2. Was the bospore pochette considered a mens bag? I have it and love it..It does hold alot and it really comfortable to wear.
  3. Nuh uh. :biggrin: Not into anything masculine! :biggrin:
  4. I saw a men's bag sitting at work the other day and I know it belongs to a woman. If its your style, then go for it.
  5. I was considering purchasing this! Do you have any pictures of how much it holds? I was wondering if it would hold my essentials without looking bulky. I've only seen one picture on tpf where someone shows how much they can fit into it.
  6. Absolutely, I would. Unless we're talking jockstraps, I don't have any hang-ups about masculine/feminine accessories.

    Besides, most guys (my husband included) think there's something uber-sexy about a hot chick rocking out some men's wear.
  7. I currently own a damier Bosphore too... very nice, utilitarian.. not masculine at all! A tad smaller than a Bloomsbury, it fits a long zippy and pochette, phone, cles, without looking bulky in the least. Check youtube reviews, there is one where she tries on a monogram one, shows you what she puts in it etc.. very nice review.
  8. Thank you so much!! :smile: I was considering the Bloomsbury if I didn't get the Bosphore pochette, but if they are around the same size I'd go with the Bosphore.
  9. I have about 7 so called men's bags. I just like cross body. I have Mick kit an, bosphore gm and pouchette and a few others.
  10. The Mick MM has been on my list since its release, but it's been bumped repeatedly since I had other items to get. I saw the Mick PM the other day and it is PERFECT for me!! The size & it is definitely unisex. The Mick will satisfy my desire for something in Graphite!
  11. Absolutely. I have no problem with so called "men's bags". I have a cross body that I used the entire time I was in school and it was the perfect size and shape. Use what you like and what works for you.
  12. I own a beauboug but not so much on messenger bags. Ther
  13. I have seen the Dean of a college ;) use the men's crossbody bag. It looks nice & was definitely a show stopper when she came into the class w/ the bag on to show us a presentation. Seeing it made me want a messenger bag as well.
  14. Oh! Isn't the beauborg in the men's line? That's the one that I'm liking.