does any of the HH/Fantasia stuff say Disney ON the item?

  1. hi all,
    i have someone i'd like to get a fantasia item for, but she's not an HH fan - but a major disney/fantasia fan. i know all of the items are inspired by, and some of the items say HH/Disney on them, but i'm specifically wondering if the sorcerer clutch wallet, and the apprendix indexer wallet have any indication them that they are disney items?

    thanks all :p
  2. just checked and the apprentice indexer does not. I have gotten more compliments on it in a couple of day than all the rest of my HH pieces. but the clasp doesn't stay shut.

    What about the cathedral carryall? It's back down in price adn has the big disney thing on it.
  3. i'm definitely considering it. i think i should rephrase my original message - it's not that she doesn't like HH - i just don't know if she'd know who or what that was.

    i think i just like the looks of the indexer better, personally, and am wondering if i can just include the disney/hh card so that she knows.
  4. The Sorcerer doesn't say Disney on it but the dust bag has a big WALT DISNEY SIGNATURE on it as do all the dust bags. The carry all is the only piece I have that has Walt Disney on it, it's on the metal thing on the front.
  5. thanks, ladies. maybe i can do the wallet anyway, if the bag has an indication that it's disney inspired :smile: