Does any know you r a member of a bag forum? what do they say?

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  1. I am a regular member of tPF and proud of it. My boyfriend thinks that it is incredible that women can just talk about bags and have a hugh number of members but he totally understand my obsession.

    I just want to know your experience on this? Have you ever got the:wtf: look on people face when you tell them you are addicted to tPF ? or what kinds of comment you get (shallow, silly or interesting)?
  2. Nope:shame: I have not told anyone I am part of tPF, but partly because I have never felt I needed to share it with anyone, or it has never come up in conversation
  3. People think I am a bit crazy about the whole bag situation. Being part of a purse forum seems to add proof. lol
  4. Interesting .. the only friend i shared with is the one that is crazy of bag as well. Is it some kind of guilty plesure of something that we are members of tPF?
  5. It's a bit of a guilty pleasure, and I don't advertise it, but my close friends and family know. My boyfriend always tells me not to surf the Purse Forum when I have work to do. (In fact, he just told me that 20 minutes ago because I have a big paper to write. Whoops.)
  6. The only person that knows is my sixteen year old daughter. Everytime I log on I get the rolling of the eyes.
  7. LOL:roflmfao:
  8. I think my friend figured my fashion crazy out when I sent her an sms after bag spotting "I'm not a plastic bag" in Oslo... But few really know I'm on here. The internet (except facebook) hardly comes up in converstations.
  9. PF is my guilty pleasure.
  10. My BF knows but doesn't ask much about it. I may have mentioned it to a GF or two but they aren't as into bags as me and either didn't care or thought I was weird. Oh well!
  11. same here.
  12. some of my fam knows! .. and they think i'm a nut! .. they also that because of tPF i spend more money on purses then before :] .. i :heart: my enablers! hehe!

    .. 1 of my friends knows .. and she signed up too!
  13. No one knows I visit the Purse Forum....I always pull up the Wall Street Journal website in another tab just in case someone walks by. Heh.
  14. I dont really share the forum with ppl unless, I know for sure that they are on the same wave length as I...or the like...but no one so far.....

    But my DH and DS knows...and one is happy for me that I found others like myself, the other ones is like....What??....:P
  15. My coworkers see my browsing this forum a lot, they find it disturbing in an entertaining way... they laugh at me and my bag obsession!