Does any know the prices of these bags?

  1. Hi, I'm looking through & came across a few bags I was interested in. I go to purchase now & it directs me to elux. but elux doesn't even have these bags available or for that matter up on their site. Is there a website that gives prices of all the bags? I'll post the weblink here but I don't want to be a pain in the butt. Thanks everyone!

    Edit: tried to post the link but doesn't send to direct bag..only Vuitton's homepage. The bags I'm interested in is the:
    Linda Quilted
    All from the Quilted Denim Collection and
    Linda scarf from the Monogram Charms Collection
    Thanks again!
  2. all the links direct to the homepage

    myabe you can take a screenshot of the bags you are interested or give us a name
  3. You can check prices at the french or UK website... not in $ but it should give you an idea.
  4. Is UK Pricing close to US? Like if it says 1790.00 than it should be around that price in America?
  5. Whatever the UK price is mulitply it by 1.75 that will be about right (depending on current exchange rate)
  6. Ok Thanks..darn the bags I like are between $3000.00 & $5000.00. Guess I'm not getting those.