Does any BV in Europe take international order?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    As some of you might know that I wanted to get the black satin knot clutch with gold hardware but didn't manage to get one during my 1 day visit in London as BV there were closed. Am in Hong Kong now and looking for ways to get the knot from Europe as the exchange rate for both Pounds and Euros are cheap now. Does anyone know if any BV in Europe take orders from Hong Kong? If yes which boutique and SA would your recommend to deal with? Finally, does anyone know the price in Euros and Pounds, please? Many Thanks. :smile:
  2. i believe they do. i remember one of our members from HK ordered an ottone sloane from paris... i know hawaii definitely ships internationally. you can check with for stock from the US....

  3. saw that exact purse in nordstrom (downtown seattle) last week or so in the sale pile. i think 50% off. it doesn't look like it was moving anytime soon. didn't look closely, but it looked like it was in good condition - wasn't manhandled or anything. i don't know if nordstrom ships internationally though.
  4. a knot clutch, on sale?! :shocked:
  5. does anyone know any 'reccomended' Sa's in EU to take int'l orders? shipping fees?
  6. I know that juzluvpink did ask before. From what I can recall, both BV europe and london do take international order.
    If I am not wrong, BV Paris charge 50 euro for shipping, they can ship up 2 bags in one box/shipment (not very sure).
    Somemore you are in HK, there will not be any tax when you ship there. It's a good deal with the low euro and pounds rate.
  7. What bout BV Outlets in EUROPE? Anyone knows they do int'l shipping? I need the the conctat info pls...
  8. Does anyone know the price in of the knot in Euros or Pounds? Then I can decide which European cities I will order the knot from. TIA
  9. Just out of curiousity, isn't BV in HK cheaper since it has no tax sales policy? Been reading some of the posts before and some mentioned this a lot.

    Wanting to go to HK in June for shopping spree, does HK BV ever have sale?

  10. BV in HK has sale twice a year, one in June and one in December, but not sure the exact date. BV was cheaper in HK because Euros and Pounds was expensive. However, the exchange rate for these 2 currencies are very cheap at the moment. Therefore, it will be cheaper if purchase from European cities especially with tax free if you live outside Europe.
  11. I'm downtown fairly often and cut through Nordies to look at the bags. I've never seen the Knot in a sale pile. I may pop over to see. I believe Tuesday the 2nd is when they ship all the sale bags back to the mfgs.
  12. Hi Londoner, you may try to PM Lululala, another TPF'er from HK, who's ordered her ottone sloane bag from Paris BV. ;)
  13. Thanks very much shopaholic&baby
  14. I am from HK too and I can tell you that BV's price is definitely much cheaper in London/Europe. For instance Veneta maxi is selling almost HKD18k but in London it was approximately HKD12k exclude tax and shipping, with the current exchange rate. So 1/3 to 1/4 off... what a deal!

    My SA at London Bond Street is called Twinmi... she's very responsible and incidentally speaks Cantonese as well.
  15. Wow, that sounds like a great deal! Do you know how much is the shipping charge, and do we need to pay tax or we can enjoy VAT % too? Thanks.