Does any body use this japan site for items?

  1. Hi I stumbled upon The problem is that it is in japanese, google can translate it and it seems like a lot of the items are at a great price. They also have a lot of discontinued items. Has anyone used it before? Some info would be nice! Thanks:yes:
  2. ow browese around the site, click on the left japanese columns and enjoy!
  3. Yes I know this site it's a very good ressource for all LV lovers.
  4. they have great stuff. i love the vintage buckets.
  5. <----if i could read japanese, it would be great to see all the limited edition stuff only available to the asian market!!!
  6. They have a lot of cool stuff!!! :tup:
  7. Thanks for the link!
  8. Sorry, this Japan site, they are selling the legit stuff right? Anyone from here bought anything from them before?
  9. im thinking of buying from this site.

    has anyone ever bought from this site?

    i can read japanese though:smile:
  10. The LV items look legit.

    But I think it'd be safer and easier to buy from a site that's in English and is a legit site. ;)
  11. The items are authentic, I had wanted to get a bag from them but after several email response, they only sent me a payment invoice to directly make payment, and I was afraid they will not send the item due to the language constraint, so I gave up!
  12. Wow, that site looks cool...wish I could read Japanese.
  13. I wish I could read Japanese. I don't want to drag my friend just to look at LV stuff. But then again, she's from Tokyo so she might LVoe it as well.
  14. I took a look at the site, but, sorry, their merchandise looks really worn (out) and used. I'd never buy items in such a condition.
  15. interesting.. tons of cool stuff .. but how do you translate!!!!