Does any body own a signature stripe reversible tote?

  1. Hello all, this is my very first thread that I've started!!!

    I was wondering if anyone had the signature stripe reversible tote? Doesn't matter what color. I'm planning on making my 1st "real" Coach purchase, brand new, off the web site or from a store purchase.

    I want to know.....what size do you have? Do you have the regular one or the large one? The travel tote will be too big for what I want. But I'm having a tough time trying to make up my mind.

    Whatever one you own, does the size work for you to carry as a medium to large everyday purse? And if possible does anyone have a picture of yourselves modeling their bag?

    Thanks to everyone up front. I joined back in Feb and have been lurking to get a feel for things. And over the last few months I have been building up my collection of name-brand purses. My fav and the only higher-end name I own is Coach. So far all my bags have come from ebay or individuals I've known. I want this 1st "real" purchase to be great!!!!! :yes:

    Thanks again!!!!!!
  2. i want this bag in crimson i try it on at the store everytime im there and i love it
    i want it so bad the size is so perfect for me
    i want the medium which to me is like
    small medium large the travel one being the large
    i hope that isnt confusing
    but i think you should get the medium it seems like the perfect size
    i hope this didnt confuse you and helped !!
  3. Yeah I would love to be able to try one on in person!!! But I can't get to a Coach store right now.

    I was thinking about going with the one that $268 on the website, the smallest. But I wasn't completely sure of the difference between that size and the next one up, the one for $298. I've tried the "Try this bag on feature" on the website, I've even laid paper down on the floor to see the difference :upsidedown: .....but for some reason I'm just not getting the right feel for the size differences.

    I want to get it in the new black and silver color with the matching wristlet. :smile:
  4. I may end up getting the "large" for $298, so I have more room rather than not enough. :P
  5. yeah the small is too small for me
    id go with the medium or large wahtever
    i mean its only 30 dollars and its a big difference in person
  6. Yeah, only being a 30 difference, I was probably going to end up getting the large.
  7. Oh by the way, thanks for your imput!!!:yes:
  8. I have the tote in the smallest size in Crimson. I haven't used her yet, like many of my bags I buy, but it's the perfect size for me. I don't have a pic of me wearing it, but here is one of the actually tote. I had it monogrammed with my initials too.

  9. omg i need the crimsonn kjfdl;aj
    ahhh that makes me want it even more
  10. and your welcome :smile:
  11. I love this color! I ordered it straight from the Coach online site. I wasn't disappointed.
  12. they dont have it online anymore
    but they have it at my local dillards :smile:
  13. I just got mine!!!! Here are some pictures...

    I absolutely LOVE it! :love:

    Here are the guts:
    I still have some room. I put a small paperback book in there the other day and it STILL doesn't look STUFFED. :smile:

    Hope that helps!!! :wlae:
  14. How many sizes did they come in again? I forgot. I just know that I got the smallest one of the bunch ( I believe) $268 I think. I don't carry alot of stuff so this was perfect for me.
  15. I believe they come in 3 sizes. I like the medium sized one--small enough to carry everyday, but big enough to carry all my gear (baby stuff included)!