does any bloomingdales have the e/w flap?

  1. I want to buy the e/w flap in black caviar but does anyone know which bloomies has this? I went to 59th street a couple of weeks ago and they did not have it and the SA there wasn't very friendly about looking up items. The only reason I want to get it at bloomies is b/c I have about $400 in gc and I'd rather use it towards this than another pair of jeans/shoes. TIA
  2. Only two bloomingdales carries Chanel. The one in Boston and the one 59th ... gl!
  3. I saw EW black caviar at Bloomie SCP yesterday.
  4. hety katie, I called SCP last night and the SA there said they never had any :sad: thanks anyway. I really don't want to buy this at Saks but I might not have a choice.
  5. I just got a bag today from a Bloomies in CA. Call 714-824-4668 and ask for Layla.