Does ANTM, Jay Manuel, Wear Too Much Make Up ?

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  2. ANTM = And Not Too Much

    This is a picture we can put on our dressing tables as 'never look like that'.
  3. I find myself a lot of the time trying to figure out what is "off" about his appearance. I keep thinking his hair color is too pale for his skin tone. But now I wonder if maybe his foundation isn't too dark for his hair? At any rate, he looks strange to me...all the time.
  4. I never thought he looked bad in the series, but on that picture he looks horrible, creepy! I think Jay in queer eye for the straight guy was doing it a lot better.
  5. I'd say its the lips. He's trying for a natural look but too much on lips and eyes for that matter. Skin looks good though.
  6. I think he looks way too 'fake' looking. I'm not a fan. xx
  7. Hair and lipstick!! Both WRONG!!!!!
  8. Jay has his own unique look, he created it, and it works. People remember him.

    I really like him, he has a very accessible persona, kind of like Reese Witherspoon in that an important part of his appeal is that he reminds us all of somebody we know or knew.

    And I get a big kick out of his assertion that he is the inventor of putting blush or "bronzer" around the perimeter of the face and across the cheekbones, in all the places where the sun would hit, because we all know that he learned this from watching his mom, his grandma, and every other woman he ever watched putting on makeup!
  9. too much lips for sure! eyebrows and hair is a lil overboard IMO too
  10. I do think he wears too much makeup. He's always looked funny to me, I can never figure out what it is. I think it might be the hair? Or the lips..
  11. he looks like an elf.
  12. LOL maybe what looks "funny" is the hair-lighter-than-skin thing.

    It's one of my least favorite of all possible human looks, and Jay is about the only person I have ever sort of liked it on.

    On everybody else it just makes me think of Indira Gandhi. It looked funny on her, and it looks funny on Maya Angelou, and it would look way funny on me, which is why I will dye my white roots until I am too old to lift a squeeze bottle, and then I will go have someone with strong young hands at the salon do it.

    I haven't seen Jay in person, so I don't know how and to what extent he enhances his skin tone, I think it must be a very unusual one, because it looks different from people who have just painted themselves orange.

    I suspect that he may have inherited not quite enough cinnamon from somewhere, and that left alone, he may be a funny color, and being a lover of makeup, he just grabs him some products and makes it work! :biggrin:
  13. Oh God!,he looks horrible!..he looks like a trannie.
  14. Re: Does ANTM, Jay Manuel, Wear Too Much Make Up ?

    Yes, yes he does.
  15. ooh 500 posts!