Does anone have any mikimoto pearl jewelry?

  1. Im looking at the pearls in motion earings and lariet necklace , are they overpriced and we are paying for the name? please share if you have any MM . thanks
  2. I only have one piece of vintage Mikimoto, sorry!

    With pearls, I think it's important to go with a quality brand - there are so many pearls out there now, and it's hard to tell what you're getting. Better to be safe, I think.:yes:
  3. I think that ANY time you buy a "name" brand you are paying a premium for that name.

    I'm not saying that they don't have beautiful pieces but they are going to cost more than an independent designer who could do equally beautiful work. But you couldn't then say "I have Mikimoto (or TIffany's or whatever brand) pearls."
  4. Ouch...those are pricey. You're paying for gold (the market is crazy high right now), diamonds, and cultured pearls. Which are stunning by the way!

    But yes, I'd say you are definitely paying a premium for the name. Hard not to love them though. :smile:
  5. My mom has a regular Mikimoto strand and I must say they are the most beautiful pearls I've ever seen!!! :girlsigh:
  6. I have black pearl studs, white pearl studs, and an incredibly gorgeous black pearl ring with four diamonds on either side of the pearl. On Saturday my DH bought me a black pearl and diamond pendant. All are Mikimoto.

    I have another pearl necklace that isn't a brand name, but the pearls are the real deal. As pretty as they are, I prefer Mikimoto. There's a certain comfort level I get by knowing exactly what I'm wearing.
  7. As pretty as they are, I prefer Mikimoto. There's a certain comfort level I get by knowing exactly what I'm wearing.[/quote]

    ^^That's the point I was trying to make, well said Leelee. There is just so much product available these days, everyone 'does' pearls, but I feel uneasy about them. You just can't tell the quality necessarily, to a certain extent you do rely on the jeweller's reputation. :yes:
  8. i have MM and others but the MM are my special ones for special occasions. they were from my parents.
  9. I have a white set of Mikimoto pearls (earrings/necklace/bracelet) and I have to say that I just adore them. I get such a special feeling when I wear them that I don't get with other pearls.
  10. I have Mikimoto pearl earrings, a long necklace and a bracelet. I really love them and the luster and shine of the pearls are amazing. I do not think Mikimoto are overpriced since you know what you are getting. I also like the "M" hanging of the necklaces and bracelets since it's my name initial and many people who do not know Mikimoto think I had the letter placed there for my name.

    If you decide for an independent pearl designer or others, make sure to specifically say which grading/quality of pearls you are wanting so that you don't get disappointed.
  11. You are paying for the brand name but there is comfort that the pearls your buying are excellent. If you do your research you can find pearls that are equally beautiful....without the "M"