Does Anna Corinna have an official website?

  1. I can't find one anywhere.:sad:
  2. I don't think so. I looked through about six pages of Google hits. :s
  3. No I wish they did. It's hard to keep track of what they got.
  4. Here it is but it's not much! Maybe with all this new interest in her bags, they will develop something:
  5. Actually that is helpful for me. I work pretty near the store so I'll drop by and inquire about the handbag I want. (I want the mini city in slate or pearl and I can't find on online.)
  6. You are so lucky to be near the store! Good luck finding what you want. I have the mini city in butterscotch & I LOVE IT!!
  7. If I'm ever after Anna Corinna bags I either visit,, or