Does an iphone fit in the larger vernis cles???

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  1. Hello,

    I did a search for this and spent an hour looking through all the posts to make sure this specific question wasn't asked. There was some info about the small vernis cles but not the larger vernis cles (5.1" X 3.5") and the iphone. Can those of you that have a large vernis cles and an iphone let me know if the iphone fits? Also, is it a comfortable fit? I'm wondering how easy it is to get in and out of and whether you have to worry about the larger one and the zipper at all. I'm asking because the dimensions seem like it should fit fine but dimensions and whether or not it would really work can be different things. I would be looking to purchase solely for my iphone so any input would help. If anyone has a picture of the iphone inside the larger cles that would be fantastic!!! I just don't want to get one from just to have to send it back. TIA! :heart:
  2. I know this doesn't answer your question, and believe me I wish that LV would put out a practical iPhone case, but I found a great high quality non-descript case that allows for easy usage, provides protection and all while looking elegant. Try Sena Cases; there are a few different styles, personally I like the "Flipper" and have it it many colors.

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  3. No, the iPhone will not fit in the larger cles.
  4. Thanks for the replies... Sorry for sounding stupid but the LV iphone case is only 4.5" and the larger cles is 5.5" I don't quite understand why it wouldn't fit. Is it because of the depth? Although the depth of the iphone case is only .6". Or is it because the zipper? I guess I just don't understand why it doesn't fit when the dimensions are large enough. :confused1:
  5. I just tried to fit my iphone in my cles and it wouldn't go in. It was because the zipper. Too bad. It looks like it would fit in there nicely if it could get through the opening first.
  6. Thanks so much for letting me know... I truly appreciate it. I was wondering about the zipper. Now I'm back to the drawing board! I have things that work for my iphone that are non LV, similar to what I've seen that others are using in other posts but I would love something LV to use for my iphone!!! The multicles rabat looks ok, but I'd like something colorful to spruce it up. Something in the MC or vernis line. Oh, well...a girl can dream! :sleepy:
  7. I agree. I think the multicles rabat would be cute, though. different. I also though about buying the mc pochette 4x6.
  8. i was curious and i just tried too.....but didn't fit!!!

    i use mono cig case to put my digi cam in it......and iphone fits in there perfectly!!!
  9. The mono cig case works??? Awesome! I will have to get one then. Thanks! Does anyone have the MC pochette 4X6? Let us know if that works as well. You guys are the best!
  10. The Multicles Rabat will fit the iPhone - I have it and have tried it with my iPhone. But, I prefer to use the iSkin by Revo. It has a protective, removeable cover. Here's a link:
  11. ohhh, BUT before you order...just to let you know, the side fits nice but there is enough space in front (or back or whichever...) to even put one or two lip gloss or something....or you can even put TWO iphones in there!!! lol

    so i don't know if i would recommend.....mono cig case was something i had from looooooooooong time ago and i've been using it as a digi cam case and it fits like it was meant to be!!!! :yes::heart:|iphonewrapz

    i use this for my phone (pink).....THE BEST customer service i've ever had!!!! but i'm looking for something little more smaller.
  12. If you're still thinking of a case for the phone, you might want to check out Vaja. They use beautiful Argentinian leather, and each case is customized. It fits like a glove. And I added the screen protector film that is sold at the Apple store, or online (don't remember the name).
  13. For the past month, I've used the LV monogram canvas cigarette case to hold my iPhone. It fits great!
  14. hey the cigarette case can fit iphone. then i think it should be able to fit ipod touch too ?